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Reelism 2

Ten years on from the original Cacoward-winning mod emerged from the swamp of our psyche (and roughly half a decade after its last update), Reelism is back! The original development team has reassembled to completely rebuild the whole thing using the latest GZDoom functionality, allowing us to go above and beyond with bizarre and hilarious new features.

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Horde Mode Gone Mad!

Can you wade through five sixty-second rounds fending off swarms of monsters? Under normal circumstances, sure, but in Reelism 2, every round throws out the rulebook, with a slot-machine style display dictating a fresh gameplay modifier and what monsters and enemies will spawn that round!

Sometimes you get to drive an invulnerable tank through a swarm of sentient sock-puppets. Sometimes you'll be fleeing from a horde of Yetis while shrunk down to the size of their toes. And other times there'll just be endless swarms of the dogs from Wolfenstein 3D.

Conquer all five rounds, defeat the boss that shows up, and claim victory! Alternatively, die in some hilarious, horrible fashion and vow to get a higher score next time!


Scores of Content

Reelism 2 features an impressive amount of content, with 44 random modifiers, ranging from low gravity to mirror mode to skeletons. Over 40 unique types of monster stand in your way, ranging from harmless sock puppets to invulnerable hellbeasts, with 52 outrageous weapons - including sledgehammers, orbital cannons and the legendary Gun Gun - ready to help you keep them at bay across 15 exciting arenas ranging from beaches to highways to cities to refineries.

Unable to make any headway? Take a trip to Town and use your hard-earned points to attain items to give you a head-start in the main game. Alternatively, hit up the Minigames and test everything you've learned under unique circumstances!



Reelism 2 strives to be as moddable as the game it sits precariously atop of. Instructions are included on how to create your own custom slots and maps, and we fully encourage you to do so! Mods-of-mods are fantastic and we love them to shreds.

Custom Content




Version 1.23hf2 (113mb)

 (Requires a legal copy of Doom 2 for PC 
and the GZDoom source port)




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