Reelism 2

Reelism 2 contains a bunch of useful hooks and features for mod makers to create their own slots, maps and other custom content, and we fully encourage you to do so! If you want to give it a shot, crack open the PK3 file in your favorite zip viewer and check out docs/mods.html! Let us know what you've made, and we'll try and add it to this page!

We should probably mention, though - we didn't make any of these or have anything to do with them, so we take no responsibility if they make a mess of your pots and pans.


Bouncy's Reelism 2 Mod

An absolutely massive expansion pack growing at a seemingly exponential rate. Pirates! Blake Stone! Minibosses! The Tome Of Power! That one map that was in seemingly every Zandronum mod! Well worth a look, and a frequent check for updates.



Spooky Arcade Ghosts

Adds a single new reel which inflicts the Pac-Man ghosts upon you. Pretty resistant to bullets, but not so resistant to knives and forks.


Beed's Additions

Occasional new reels and bosses by a former R1 contributor. Currently includes a new boss in Korax, and the direct inverse of Gun Runner.



Piter's Reelism 2 Fudge Pack

A batch of fresh reels, including Beta Weapons, lead-spitting enemies and some Marathon fun times.


Plyco Sucks

One new reel that pits you against a toybox worth of plastic oppressors.






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